Build your website and make money

     Creating a website is easy, it takes only 20 minutes to create it; but building a business with it! It may take more time than you think.

We do not have to worry about the hassle of coding to create a website. 

Easy scripts such as WordPress can make it easier for non-techies to build a website on their own. 

WordPress is the much better option if you are a starter; as it has the largest collection of plugins. 

These plugins will help you design and maintain your website with ease. 

Before making your website online you have to think about several things.

-Purpose of your website
-A domain/website name
-A Hosting Plan
-Selecting the theme
-Ad Network
-Marketing Strategies
-Maintaining your website

Purpose of your website

     Firstly you have to decide on the purpose of your website. It can be to represent a small company website or it could be a big e-commerce website. 
Make sure you decide on the sole purpose of your website before investing time and hard work on it. 
If you are going to create a blogging website then you must post regularly without deviating from your niche. 
To create a static website which will represent your business you can easily set it up with the free themes offered in WordPress. 
To create an e-commerce website, you will have to think about a lot of variables before even trying to build one.

A domain/website name

     Choosing a domain/website name is one of the most important tasks as it might decide the make or break for your site. 
You can choose any name you want; make sure you choose a name similar to your niche. 
Choose domain name which is simple & relatable to your niche which will help with SEO & trustability. 
Avoid using subdomains to represent your business. You could use it if your main domain is the center of attraction of your business. 
Once you come up with a nameyou can buy it from domain registrars like Godaddynamecheap, etc.,.

A Hosting Plan

     Choosing the best hosting provider is the most important decision you have to make.
All of your website data as well as your protected client information will run through the hosting provider. 
For static websites you do not have to spend much to get a good hosting plan. 
However, for a dynamic website you need to choose a hosing provider who is best suited for your needs. 
Hosing plans will pricier if your requirements increase. 
For small-scale business a shared hosting could be a viable option; it might not be a suitable option for a large-scale business with a large traffic.
Especially for e-commerce websites where huge volumes of traffic go through your website a premium plan is required. That will not be cheap as a shared hosting. 
You can find lot of hosing providers like SiteGroundGoDaddyBlueHost, etc.,.

Selecting the theme

     Once your website‘s domain and hosting plan has been purchased you will not have your website visually available for visitors. 
That’s where your script such as WordPress and themes comes in play. 
You can easily install a WordPress script through your hosting plan; through your script you will be able to install any theme of your choice. 
WordPress has thousands of free and paid themes for you to select; make sure you select a theme which will represent your niche or business. 
A compatible theme for your Website should be used to better make it appealing for the visitors.
You can find the perfect theme of your selection from the WordPress themes or from 

Ad Network

                          Many want to try blogging and expect their blogs to generate revenue for them. 
However, your blogs will not generate any revenue for you without a third-party help, you need the help of an Ad Network or an affiliate network. 
The most reliable and the popular Ad Network out there is Google AdSense. 
However, the biggest problem with them is to get approval to host their ads on your platform. 
They will reject your request to host their ads on your website if your site doesn’t comply with the AdSense Program policies. 
If you want Google AdSense approval then read all the Eligibility requirements for AdSense; and customize your website according to it in an appealing way. 
Don’t worry if you don’t receive an AdSense approval. There are several alternative Ad networks which are similar to AdSense. 
You can select media.Net or Facebook ad network, these are similar to Google AdSense.

Marketing Strategies

     Marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. 
Not all websites will get organic traffic right off the bat. As a result you have to market your site in social medias like Facebook, Instagram or Google. 
Advertising on Social media is the one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website; they will charge you based on the quality & geographical location of the traffic. 
Are you a starter? And have no idea on where to start. 
The most effective and simple step to do is to browse it on YouTube. You will get tons and tons of videos in the search results to guide you through the basics.

Maintaining your website

     One of the most challenging step is to maintain your website properly. 
Most of the starters will loose interest in their website within a month; this happens because most of the websites will not generate you any money without paid traffic. 
If you want to succeed you have to learn to develop consistency and patience. 
If you can keep those two in checkyou will be able to earn significantly within few months. 

You can’t get rich overnight by launching a website. 

It takes both quality content and consistency to make your website successful.

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