Create a YouTube channel and make money


Creating a YouTube channel is a lot easier than you think;
However, to maintain your channel for the long term & to make money from it is a whole other story.
Then again, it’s not rocket science. Like any other job/business you need to put in much effort to make this a success.
To become a content creator and to make money from YouTube is a dream for many; only a fraction of the dreamers succeed.
To put it in simple terms, YouTube is the second most searched website on the internet next to Google. Traffic inflow is not a problem to be worried about.
The company is well established, and you do not need to worry about being scammed by them.
This gives you more room to focus more on you, specifically your content.
Content is KING here; if your content is not engaging you have no hopes of succeeding.
Providing quality and engaging content is the first checkbox you should cross if you want to make money from YouTube.

How would YouTube pay you?

To be pretty blunt YouTube will not pay YouTubers.
YouTube will allow you to show Google Ads through the Google AdSense Ad program; you will receive your paychecks from them.
Once you monetize your channel, you can show ads through your videos.
When a viewer watches or clicks on the ad that was shown in your video; you will be paid based on the type of ad that was shown & also the geographical location of the person who viewed/clicked on your Ad.
So, it’s a numbers game. The more engaging videos you create; the more people will watch your video. This will also lead to more Ads being clicked/viewed by your audience & you will make money through it.

Creating your YouTube channel

It’s no hassle to create your very own YouTube channel; as there is no documentation or any other complications through the process.
It’s as simple as creating your Gmail account.
Just type in your channel or brand name and you’re done!
You’ve got yourself your very own YouTube channel.
You have to know there are two types of channels; a personal account & a brand account.
If you want to be the only person handling your channel you can opt to a personal account.
However, if you want it to be a brand; it would need the help of moderators, administrators. With a brand account, you can add a limited access administrator/moderator accounts to maintain your channel.

A brand experience

Unless your channel revolves around content related to vlogging you should think about creating a brand around your content.
A brand experience helps your audience to gradually become your customers to your business; if you create one around your content type.
The name of your brand is very crucial; as it might impact your future business or your current business if you have any.
For example, You create a channel with quality content regarding website designing. After some time if you create your very own website designing company, your audience will be very much inclined to do business with you. That’s how branding works!

Keep it professional

Like any other social media, you have to create a trust and relationship with your viewers.
Keeping it professional regarding the niche you pick for your channel is very crucial.
This will help your audiences to trust you to provide them with quality content; this leads to more subscribers.
You have to keep a professional look; focusing more on your logo, channel art, and an about page would be of great help.

How to add your YouTube logo?

Log on to YouTube on your Laptop/PC.
A Laptop/PC is much more suitable to work with instead of using your phone; although it is possible to use your phone to complete all of the processes.
Click the profile icon on the upper right of the screen.
Select your channel.
Click on the profile image to bring up the edit channel icon function.
Upload your brand/company logo; if it’s a personal account, upload an image of your selection.
Make sure you crop your Logo perfectly.
Then click Save.

How to add Channel Art?

Log on to YouTube on your Laptop/PC.
Click the profile icon on the upper right of the screen.
Select your channel.
Click on the channel art edit button.
Upload your channel art and make sure your size is 2560 X 1440 pixels.
Now you can preview how your channel art looks on different devices.
Then click Save.

About Page

Filling up your about page is the best way to tell a new visitor what your channel is about.
You can also add your social links like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. About information is very essential for SEO.
Log on to YouTube on your Laptop/PC.
Click the profile icon on the upper right of the screen.
Select your channel
Click on the about section.
Type in what you would say to a new visitor of your channel to help him/her explain what it is about.
Make sure to link your social media accounts at the bottom of the about page.
You can also add your website link along with the social links.
Then click Save.

Uploading your videos

Sign in to your YouTube account.
Click on create a video button on the upper right of your screen.
Select the video you like to upload from your Laptop/PC/Mobile phone.
Make sure you enter a relevant title to your video.
YouTube allows entering a title of up to 100 characters and a description of up to 5,000 characters.
Don’t provide irrelevant content or keywords in the description which might be considered as spam.
Then click publish.
You’re done!!!

Making Money!

To turn ON the Monetization YouTube needs your channel to be eligible under certain criteria.
Your channel must have one thousand subscribers along with an overall watch time of 4,000 hours.
You should only upload videos that do not violate YouTube policies.


Just like starting a business, the beginning stages will need most of your time and effort. Once you get your channel to 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time; turn ON monetization, and it will be uphill from there.
Work hard to provide quality content, keep your audience hooked on to your videos, there’s no stopping you!!!

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