Get paid to visit these countries once the pandemic is over

Yup! You’ve read it right; you can expect to be paid to visit a few countries once the pandemic is over, I’ll tell you why.

All forms of travel between countries have been prohibited as a result of the lock-down measures taken by each country. As a result tourism industry has received a major blow because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Few countries have already contained the spread at a major level and have completely stopped the death due to COVID-19 virus. These countries have lessened their strict lock-down measures too. Every country is building it back up at its own pace one step at a time; in no time vaccines will be found & every industry will start to boom.

The tourism industry is no different, soon travel between countries will be possible. At the initial stages, people will be hesitant to travel to new countries. However, most of us didn’t even leave our houses during these tough times; which is indeed the right thing to do if you have the option to work from home. If not I’m pretty sure all of us were taking precautions as not to get infected and not to spread the virus.

The point is, we all are dying to go out and return to our normal day-to-day life. Once the pandemic is over every one of us would be hesitant to travel; but at the same time will be excited to go see the world at its pristine state.

To entice tourists to take the initiative to come visit them few countries have planned to give tourists some offers that are hard to say no to. Those countries are Britain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Japan and Mexico.


Britain has some wonderful offers concerning the discounts on the hotel stays. However, the most amazing offer that they have is for their citizens; the government will pay for their people to take on a vacation inside Britain once the pandemic is over.

As of now vacations inside and outside the country are banned. These offers will give people the hope to ride these waves of the pandemic.

Patricia Yates (Director Strategy and Communications for Visit Britain) hopes that these offers on tourism will boost up the tourism industry of Britain.


Bulgaria is quickly catching the eyes of tourists from around the world. A video conference of Foreign Ministers and Diplomats from 13 European Union Countries was recently held. Bulgarian Minister Zaharieva told that they had enforced adequate rules to ensure the safety of tourists who will visit their country.

She has also made a point to the European Union to keep their internal borders open. The government of Bulgaria has decided to let in people from Jordan and Ukraine to enter without the Polymerase chain reaction test (PCR test — a test for COVID-19).

As for the tourism industry, they have decided to make few private beaches to be accessed free for the tourists along with sun loungers and umbrellas.

They have also substantially looked into the discount on hotel stays; we can expect many incredible offers which are still in the planning stage.


Cyprus entices tourists in a very different way by offering people safety during Covid-19. They have announced that if a tourist is proved to have been infected with Covid-19 after they have entered Cyprus they will provide free treatment.

Once you have been proved to be positive for the Covid-19 test, the government will take care of all your needs like your food & medicine. You must also bring a test result taken not more than 3 days before entering the country. Once your treatment is completed, you will have to pay for your travel expenses to go back to your country.

This huge announcement by the government shows their confidence concerning the precautions they have taken to stop the spread of Covid-19; this, in turn, will give us peace of mind to confidently go to visit them.

Additionally, they are setting up special medical facilities just to treat tourists for Covid-19. They have also restricted the total number of people that can gather at public places to ensure social distancing is being maintained.


Italy has been the most affected European country during this pandemic. However, an Italian island Sicily which is the largest Mediterranean island has some enticing offers for tourists after the pandemic is over.

Sicily is offering to pay half of the flight ticket charges for tourists who are visiting them. They will also be covering one-night hotel charges for every 3 nights.

Not just that they are throwing in free vouchers to visit their museum & archaeological sites. If this is not enticing for tourists I don’t know what will!

They are doing all this to revive the tourism industry which has suffered a loss well over a billion euros. These attractive offers will cover up the expense of at least 50 million euros.

Strict policies are being enforced so that people follow social distancing at all times to avoid the virus from spreading more.


Next in line is Japan, and we have a rumor spreading all over the news; Japan is going to pay for half of the flight ticket charges for foreign tourists. However, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe says otherwise.

In a public press meeting their prime minister told that “The ruling party will consider making a 100,000 Yen payout to each citizen nationwide.“

The government is planning an internal tourism campaign with a budget of over 18 billion. They are going to offer payouts to each citizen inside Japan to encourage internal tourism. This does not apply for foreign tourists; they may have some offers applicable to attract foreign tourists after the pandemic is over.


Hotel Association of Cancun is launching irresistible offers to attract tourists from all over the world.Cancun is a Mexican city located in the shores of the Caribbean Sea; it’s mostly famous for its beaches, resorts, and restaurants.

The hotel association is offering two major promotions which are Come to Cancun 2 × 1 & Cancun x2.

Cancun 2 × 1 promotion offers you to enjoy two packages at the rate of one. Pay for one package and you will get two packages at any hotel listed in the Association of Cancun.

Carlos Gosselin, who is a member of The Hotel Association of

Carlos Gosselin, who is a member of The Hotel Association of Cancun, said ”VenACANCUNX2 is a formal campaign promoted by the AHCP, and we see it feasible that with the material that is ready we can launch a unique campaign coordinating the private initiative and the state and municipal governments.“

The Cancun x2 promotion offers two free nights for every two paid nights at all hotels in the Cancun Association.

They are also offering to provide you with your air ticket’s refund if you travel with a companion.

The president of Cancun Hotel Association Roberto Cintron Gomez said ”We think that a‘COVID-Free’certificate should be created so that the entire state, the entire tourism industry of Quintana Roo, restaurants, tourist parks, discos, marinas, casinos, among many other businesses, we linked on June 1 as‘COVID-Free destination.’“

They are also expecting certifications to be provided regarding the safety and quality of the hotels in all the country. These certifications will, in-turn, give tourists the confidence to come to visit them without any fear of getting infected.

They are rigorously concentrating on keeping the airports and all the places related to the tourism sector free from the virus.

A report by The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) states more than 40% of the world’s tourist destinations have started to lessen the travel restrictions to promote tourism.

The secretary-general of UNWTO told lessening of travel restrictions around the world would directly impact all the small businesses for the better. The slow pace with which the restrictions are taken down will give people the room to build trust and confidence to decide to go explore.

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