WordPress 5.5 update “Eckstine” overview

Finally, the long-awaited update of WordPress is here! The most recent version of 5.5 is named Eckstine to honor Billy Eckstine. 

This new update is solely focused on speed, search & security of the word press websites.


Increased Speed

They have tremendously helped with the loading speed of every website by utilizing the feature Lazy Loading. This feature load enough resources of the visible webpage for the visitor. As the visitor scrolls down the images and videos will be loaded accordingly.

This feature stops the web page from loading all the resources at once; which, in turn, will increase the page loading time.

From a visitor‘s perspective, this feature will save costs on data and battery life of the device.
From the website owner’s perspective, a fast loading website will constantly help with the revenue.


Increased Search Visibility

The most integral element needed for every website to be discovered by a search engine is a sitemap. In simple terms a sitemap is a map of the entire website; it helps newly created web pages to be discovered by search engines for ranking.

Usually, to generate these sitemaps publishers would have to install a third-party plugin. However, with this new update WordPress includes a built-in XML sitemap.

This update cuts down the need to install a new plugin. It will also help the website to rank higher in search results. This will, in turn, help with more traffic, more subscriptions/signups/sales.

However, we still need to take into account that image sitemaps have been left out in this update. Similarly, image sitemaps help search engines identify what the website is about by analyzing the images on that.

We could expect this to be added in the upcoming update!


Increased Security 

The next major update revolves around the security of the WordPress websites. With this new update, you can choose to manually or automatically update your plugins & themes.

That’s right with one click you can set any or all of your plugins & themes to update automatically. This will ensure that all of your websites are completely up to date with the latest codes.

Some of us might not want our plugins to be updated automatically; some major updates could impact our website in a critical way. It’s because people might want to update plugins and themes manually, they have kept the auto-updates turned OFF by default. So publishers who want to take advantage of this auto-updating feature can turn them ON.

Reports from various surveys have shown that websites with outdated plugins and themes are more vulnerable to hacker attacks. This update can impact your site security majorly in a progressive way.

The new version delivered us so many new features along with it; this shows how much effort they have thrown at the back end to make it possible. It has enhanced both the user and the publisher‘s experience at several levels.
We can expect the upcoming version to blow away our minds as well.

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